Being a Triplet

Not many people have the opportunity to be apart of triplet and I am such that I get to be special  as well as make two other people special. Having two sisters born on your birthday and birthdate means attention sometimes wanted but most times unwanted. For example

Wanted: We signed up for summer jobs at NYS- Day of interview- Patrice signed up later hence her name is farther on the list..Me to security ” Sir we are a triplet and we came together can we please just go in one after the other?”¬† ¬†“What triplet! Joke you ah mek!” checks list ” ah true!” tells everyone in the office……. And we get to skip the line B)

Unwanted: At church and other places people find out we are a triplet……..Questions Questions Questions…..ugh we can’t escape the Questions

Overall it’s fun being a triplet: you always have someone to play with, someone on your side against others even when your wrong #wrongandstrong and they are your biggest cheerleaders even when you yourself dont believe in you.


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