The Excluded Includer

So I am an includer; being an includer means you like being around people as well as you don’t like to make anyone feel out of place. However as a human being especially a girl in a class full of boys being excluded is inevitable. The feeling is lonely and you may feel like you are the only person in the world but there is a solution.

You are an includer do what you do best…..include. the subject however will be you.

1. Put yourself out there. Especially when around all males put yourself out there.STOP……. Don’t let your mind stray….. What I mean don’t be secretive and SAY WHAT YOU MEAN…… Seriously men and boys hate the roller coaster though they themselves do it a lot when trying to sweet talk girls. Talk about yourself

2. Set boundaries. Though you are an includer, you are your own personĀ  and you have your own values .

3. Be Yourself. Nobody likes a fake person. Do not change who you are to “suit” others because let’s face it: You can’t please everybody.


SO go out there all ye includers and continue to include others and most importantly YOURSELF

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